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El Despertar
yo! I am some fanart for Full Metal Panic ^_^ hope people will like *grin*
Title - Chidori and Sagara Fanart
Author - Dragonfireruby

Rating - G
Pairing(s) (if applicable) - Sousuke/Kaname
Category - Comic/Fanart
Summary - It's just sagara and chidori in my own version of comic form ^^ they're not doing much

El Despertar

Hey all!!

^_^ I guess I am the admin of this community *grins widely* just post to my livejournal -->, or to my email are my contact details. And the rules for this community are!!!

1.    Consideration for others, after all their work is going to be put on here, so no plagiarism of their work, and no abusive comments. Constructed criticism is welcomed, and if you use their icons or whatever they are allowing you to use, please give credit, it's only fair.

2.   When posting something (i.e. stories, wallpapers, icons etc) please put it under a lj cut - else scrolling will cramp fingers ^_^

3.   Introductory posts are welcomed, but it's better if you bring an offering - makes meeting you more interesting 

4.   Please label, or warn others what will be in your lj cut - especially if you'r going to include spoilers or if it has mature content.

5.   Questions or suggestions can be directed to the Admin (me), via my lj journal or my email - either is good.

6.   And lastly.....have fun! =D



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