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El Despertar
dragonfireruby wrote in blackbistre
yo! I am some fanart for Full Metal Panic ^_^ hope people will like *grin*
Title - Chidori and Sagara Fanart
Author - Dragonfireruby

Rating - G
Pairing(s) (if applicable) - Sousuke/Kaname
Category - Comic/Fanart
Summary - It's just sagara and chidori in my own version of comic form ^^ they're not doing much

My drawing of sagara and cartoonish form ^_^

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Hahaha, did you do them on the computer? That looks awesome.

yeah i did...but for some reason, it's suppose to have chidori smiling slightly, and that dot in the middle of sagara's face is part of his hair-spike....ehhh........??


oh well, i liked how it turned out anyway ^_^

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