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A Dangerous Love
I will END you
dragonfireruby wrote in blackbistre
Title - A Dangerous Love
Author - Bistre
Rating - M
Pairings - Leora/Greg/Jace
Category - Romance
Summary - written for triptnx ^_^

A Dangerous Love
CHAPTER ONE: Late night meeting
She had had enough. She was tired, hungry, annoyed and no one else was in the building except her. Stuff the damn scripts; she’ll work on them tomorrow. Rising stiffly from the chair, Leora Schnieder - playwright of the Red Carpet Theatre Company - moved to escape from the desk that had caused nothing but pain and frustration in the last few hours. Tucking back an errant stray of honey brown hair, she bent over the cluttered table to shove the few precious sheets of a dodgey play, her purse and whatever she needed into her bag. 

Slinging it over her shoulder and jingling her keys in one hand, she stepped out into the darkened hall. Usually, the little hall backstage of the theatre would be swarming with people, as numerous doors branched off to some actor’s or actresses dress rooms, or offices and whatever. Currently, she inhabited one of the small, windowless rooms that could just fit in a desk and a potted plant – as a co-playwright, and a minor one at that – she didn’t have the choice of having a nice office to work in, since the rare few were already taken.

Shrugging sore shoulders, Leora locked the door behind her – thinking all the while that there couldn’t possibly be someone dumb enough to want to steal the palm tree and assorted range of pens that worked or didn’t work that was inside the room. Rubbing a head that ached, she strode down the dark and deserted hallway, slightly unnerved by the silence that permeated the air. Was it really that late? A check on her watch told her it was one in the morning. Rolling her eyes at her own stupidity, she turned the corner.
Only to run into the most handsome man that she had ever laid eyes on.
Her breath left her in a sudden whoosh and she gave an undignified squeak of surprise. He started also, jerking back in surprise at her sudden appearance. Having hauled herself from close proximity of such a stunning male, she thumped a hand over her heart and managed to gasp out,
“What are you doing here? Who are you? You just scared me half to death!” The words tumbled out chaotically. She had thought that she was the only person left, and though there would be security guards around, all other colleagues who had a life would be gone by now. His sardonic voice - accented with a scottish brogue - brought her back from her thoughts.
“I would say the same for you, but since you asked me first I’ll be obliged to answer. I’m the new actor, Greg Butler. And you would be…?” One sable brow lifted regally in question.
“Leora Schnieder, playwright.” She said curtly, slightly annoyed at his patronizing tone. Sticking out her hand, she offered a civility. With a bemused smile curling the corners of his lips, his hand engulfed her as he shook hands solemnly – spoiled by the gleam of amusement in his eye.
Given the opportunity to study each other, she took the chance to reassess her first impression of his handsomeness….and god, he wasn’t handsome – he was gorgeous. Short brown hair that waved slightly around his wide forehead, dark brows that lent him a brooding quality, blue-green eyes held her gaze piercingly, an aristocratic straight, bold nose, a hint of a beard dusted his cheeks and he had a generous mouth with sensuous lips – not only was his face a pleasure to look upon, his lean well muscled body that had a certain dangerous grace about it was covered in a black shirt, dark blue jeans and black….cowboy boots? Leora stifled a giggle – cowboy boots she had not seen on a man for years, and some looked ridiculous wearing them – but on him…they just looked damn sexy.
His hand that engulfed hers was warm, with calluses creating a friction that wasn’t altogether unpleasant. She released his hand abruptly, a little more than surprised. No man had affected her in this way before – and the sensation was…unsettling. Clearing her throat nervously, she said,
“I was working late on the scripts and forgot the time.” She explained, a faint blush rising to her cheeks. She was thankful that it was dim in the hallway.
“Hmmm… I just arrived from the airport, and the manager sent me keys so I thought I’ll just take a look around.” He explained, seemingly disinterested. This time, it was her eyebrow that quirked up.
“At this time of the night?” She asked pointedly. Whoops…that was rather rude. An awkward silence enveloped them. She gave small cough and shifted uneasily, embarrassed at her runaway mouth.
 “Look, I’m sorry – I’m not exactly all that nice so early at night – morning – with little sleep. So…I’ll just be leaving now, got work tomorrow. Hope you have fun looking around. Goodnight.” Backing away, she beat a hasty retreat.
“Goodnight.” He called back to her, standing shadowed in half darkness and light. With burning cheeks and a headache that was getting steadily worse, she left for home.
Amused, Greg stood staring after her, noting that the woman had a fine figure when she walked. Leora. That was what she said her name was. An impression of light blue eyes that hid behind the lens of her stylish gold rimmed glasses, honey brown hair that tried to escape from her ponytail, rounded generous figure, full lips and fair creamy skin. She was just wearing normal blue jeans, sneakers and a black blouse – but, she was attractive, that he admitted freely. She had surprised him, suddenly appearing in the hallway like that – and briefly they had pressed up against each other…the flash of awareness that arced between them was too intense to ignore…Ruefully he shook his head – he had better things to do then to be distracted by women, attractive or no. He had told Ms. Schnieder that he was the new actor, and so he was…but that wasn’t the only reason why he was here of all places…


CHAPTER TWO: Just a coincidence
Sighing, she pushed the door open and let herself in. Another day of drudgery – joy oh joy. Wincing at the hollow feeling in her head from lack of sleep, she clutched her bag to herself awkwardly – slightly irritated at the small misfortunes of life. The bag that she had used for years had failed her this morning in her rush to catch the bus. The strap had snapped, almost spilling all its contents on the pavement – only quick grab had saved herself the trouble of picking up her stuff off the ground. The fact that she had to catch the bus did not miss her irritation – the unreliable old car that she used to get to work decided to not work this morning – one of the many times that that such an event occurred. And running for the bus was not a pleasant way to start the morning, especially when you had cat hair on your clothes (damn her feral cat – she had named it Tif, short for tiff…since that’s how it all started when she met the cat) and to a crowded workplace all sweaty and out of breath. Not happy.

Reaching the door of her office, she fumbled around for her keys, cursing silently. In her haste to get the them, her bag slipped. Inevitably – everything in her bag tumbled out. Biting her lip out of sheer frustration, she bent down, hastily shoving her stuff back in. Another pair of hands suddenly intruded in her vision, offering her…necessities back to her. It was a tanned, long fingered hand….and most definitely not female. Her gaze trekked slowly upwards, heart plummeting down to somewhere near the vicinity of her sneakers, and her blood rushed to her cheeks. Why did it have to be him that had to witness her moment of klutziness?
Greg Butler. Mystery actor. Sexy as anything. Holding her tampons.
Horrified, she took it from him quickly, shoving it into her bag and standing up. He stood also, a smile teasing his lips.
“Good morning Greg.” She greeted politely, forcing a brittle smile.
“Morning to you too, Leora – I hope you’re well?” He returned pleasantly, still with the bemused smile on his face. Leora was pleased to find that it was not a sleep deprived mind that had thought him as handsome – because in broad daylight…he was still handsome. Of course. Dressed still in the black jeans and cowboy boots (she snickered a bit at this), he had changed his shirt for a blazer and white shirt. Looking a lot more like a model for a men’s magazine then an actor. She was surprised however, to find that in broad daylight, he actually had grey-green eyes, and not the blue-green that she had first thoght. And those very crystalline grey-green eyes were regarded her with humour, a teasing smile directed pointedly at her.
“Um…I’m good. This is my office, so I got to go in and put my stuff down. So – I hope you have a nice day Greg.” She said finally, stopping her shameful perusal of his person. With the embarrassing image of him holding her tampons, and having difficulty with opening the door with a key that jammed with full arms – she was startled to have the key taken from her, and to have herself pushed firmly aside. Gazing open mouthed in shock at his boldness, Greg opened the door for her, relieved her of her burden of files and bag, and stepped into her woefully small and cluttered office. Disgruntled, she followed after him.
“Where do you want this?” He asked agreeably.
“Just on my desk – anywhere.” She answered meekly, trying inconspicuously to straighten a few things.
“This is an…interesting office.” He commented, looking at her with laughter in his accented voice. She pulled a face at him.
“That’s just another way of saying that it’s a small, crappy office.” She retorted. “Is there a reason why you wanted to come in, or were you just helping me?” She added.
Greg took his time answering, appreciating how pretty Leora looked this morning. In the dimness of the room, with light streamin in from her partly open doorway - he could see that she was wearing her hair down, a curtain of honey silk, with her glasses slipping absently down her nose, and wearing jeans and a red leather jacket – she looked adorably ruffled.
“I just wanted to know where the manager’s office is.” He said.
“Ah…I see. The manager is down the hallway, near the um…plants…” Leora replied. By the meaning of 'plants' she meant a jungle - really - but she didn't have to tell him that, he'll find out for himself. She tried her best not to giggle.
“Alright, I’ll be on my way then. Thanks.” He said, grinning. She smiled ruefully back at him, thinking that if she didn’t know better, that smile of his would make her half fall in love with him. As he made to pass by her and leave, he couldn’t help but stop – inches away. A subtle scent of sweet flowers drifted over his senses, and the bewildered look on her face brought awareness to him like never before.
“I’ll be seeing you around…right, Leora?” He murmured in a low voice, intense gaze fixed on her face. Her lips parted enticingly – startled. Now what would he want with her? She thought.
“Sure…we’ll both be working in the same place…” She answered uncertainly. His smile stunned her – at close quarters, that smile had the ability to reduce her to…Whatever, don’t even go down there. But god…he was irresistible. He leaned forward towards her, tempted to do something that was likely to shock her. It was amusing to see her surprised – he didn’t know why it did – but it did. His face had drawn so close to hers that only a breath separated between the two, until…her bag toppled over again with a loud clatter, divulging its contents on the ground once again.
Gasping in relief, Leora darted towards the mess, immediately picking them up.
“Go see the manager Greg – I’ll probably see you again at lunch if you like.” She said quickly, to stop him from helping her again, and be close to her.
“It’s a date then.” He said, sounding pleased. Her head snapped up. “See you.” He said, before disappearing. Smug man. Leora chewed on her bottom lip thoughtfully. What on earth had just happened? Why was it that when he got near to her, she became a total mess? If she was honest with herself, she would say that she was very attracted – but then again, being honest to herself was much harder then self denial. She chose self denial. For now.

After a distracting morning with various and stupid thoughts of Greg, and reruns of the (very) few conversations that they had shared – Leora was very flustered. Questions tumbled crazily around in her head, completely obliterating the pathetic concentration that she had attempted to muster – ultimately with her making absolutely no progress on the script that she was suppose to draft. She was only allowed to write the action in the scripts, but sometimes, they were very crucial in the play. However, she seriously doubted that this particular one would be a hit. Written mainly by Sia Nelope – the central scriptwriter of the company – always had so many rewrites of the script before she settled on one.
It gave her and the other scriptwriters a headache, since the change in script meant massive changes on their parts – but the final script was always very good – it was almost scary in the quality that Sia wrote them.Rubbing her palm against the back of her neck, she sought to ease the tension that coiled there. Wincing, she took up her purse and started out the door to go to the café for lunch. Perhaps she would be able to think up some action sequences on a full stomach. Sighing, she stepped out her door, eyes closed and feeling too full of thoughts.
Only to run into Greg.
Chaos ensued. Hot coffee went flying. Arms and legs got tangled. Cries of surprise escaped. Followed hurriedly by cries of pain. Someone ended up on the floor with most of the coffee on them. Her. With one eyebrow raised, and a look that clearly said ‘I’m not pleased. Really.’ she sat in a disgruntled heap, hot coffee scalding her and staining her clothes and a feeling of utter wretchedness stealing through her. Why? Did it always have turn out like this? Did something alwasy had to happen to her? Her good humour stretched beyond breaking point, her eyes downcast and expression gloomy – she felt that if one more thing happened to slight her – she would throttle someone, or go running off screaming like a maniac. Seriously.
“I’m partly to blame too Leora.” A deep voice with a hint of the highlands intruded upon her dark mood. Startled, her gaze jerked upwards, landing squarely on the handsome face of Greg Butler. She had almost forgotten that it was him that she had bumped into. She flushed - realising that she had spoken aloud and that he had hear everything. She was blinking in embarrassed astonishment at him, making him suppress a chuckle – she looked so surprised in seeing him, crouched before her, when just a moment ago she looked as though she would murder someone.
“I was hoping to coax you out of that self-made prison that you call an office with some coffee and our lunch date, but I guess being the clumsy fool that i am - most of our coffee ended up on you then inside you.” He commented wryly, pulling out a handkerchief and ineffectually dabbing at her coffee streaked face.
She went red at the intimate contact. How gentlemanly. He was actually taking the blame for it and trying to help her. His hand began to move down to her shirt to dab at the coffee stains. Disconcerted, she took the handkerchief away from him – not liking the prospect of how she would react with his hand so close to her…chest. Pulling her shirt away from herself, she concentrated on cleaning, avoiding the penetrating grey-green eyes that regarded her so closely.
“I’ve been having a pretty rough morning – well, no – I should really say a month. Things seem to just go wrong around me.” She mumbled, blinking quickly to dislodge the pricking feeling behind her eyes. No. there was no way that she would cry over such a little thing as this. Worse had happened to her and she had gotten through it without blubbing.
He was stunned. She had taken off her jacket to reveal a red t-shirt, but as she sat there, streaked with coffee and dabbing at the stains – looking so woebegone and upset – he couldn’t help but want to comfort her. Cursing himself for his stupidity, he pulled her up and hustled her into her office before she realized what was happening. Seating her on the desk, he handed her handfuls of tissues. Too shocked at the sudden change of situation she took it from him, looking at them as though she had never seen them before. His lips twitching, he took them back, and started to wipe off most of the coffee.
“Well, Leora, I guess we shall stay here for our lunch break – yes?” He grinned at her, attempting to make her smile. “Though, I had imagined that our first date would be more fun – not that I’m complaining. This is keeping me very occupied.”
Oh my god…I believe the man just became more sexy, she thought. She was amazed though – she had gotten so used to looking after herself, that an act of caring from someone else seemed almost foreign to her. He was kind to her; she had no idea why though.
“Why are you so nice to me Greg? Why are you doing this?” She burst out, suddenly plagued with the need to know, and to not be frustrated by mysteries.
“Blunt thing you are aren’t you?” He commented, his eyes sparkling with laughter. She only raised an eyebrow back at him and sat silently.
“Hmmm…I must say that I’m surprised that you need to ask that. But in answer, all I can say is that you are very pretty Leora Schnieder – and all I know is that I’m very intrigued by you, and haven’t stopped thinking about you since the night I ran into you.” He whispered, his voice a throaty rumble. He had drawn closer to her, his breath brushing against her lips.
You jackass – you forgot to mention the fact that you’re looking for something you – He closed that thought off. Yes, he may have an ulterior motive at wanting to know this woman better, but…god…she was dangerous for him – he had meant to only be closer to her, that was all. He had had everthing so carefully planned - even knew about her and had planned to charm her. But he had miscalculated, majorly. Why? Why did she affect him so? He had not known her for long – just since last night for chrissakes! But…there was something about her that haunted him. She was so close to him, barely an inch away, looking up at him with the most bewildered and pleased look on her face. Lips parted softly in surprise, blue eyes dark with emotions, and so beautiful that it took his breath away – he wanted her.
The awareness that the thought brought with it blindsided him, made his eyes smolder, made him lean towards her without thought. He could feel the warmth of her nearness, the feather light caress of her breath on his jaw. He wanted to kiss her. And why not? It's only a kiss - right? Beyond the ability of heeding the warning bells that rung in his head, or to any thought of the consequences that would happen, he wrapped an arm about her waist, pulling her against him. Catching her face in the other hand, he tilted her face up towards him. Just one quick kiss he promised himself, nothing more than that - an impersonal comforting one. With one last look of dark intensity, filled with so much meaning – his lips closing over hers gently, holding her against him.
He kissed her.

She could not breathe. Could not think. The sudden and intensely shocking effect of his kiss short circuited her brain – and left her frozen in surprise. His lips were warm against hers, soft, gentle. Unconsciously, her arms came up to wrap around his neck, pulling her into closer proximity to him. His kiss deepened in answer and his hands drifted from her face to her waist, to hold her even more closely to him. Her world had exploded into sensations – his hard body pressed intimately to hers, the warmth of his hands on her waist seeping through the thin t-shirt that she wore – and his mouth. She shivered in delight. Hot, demanding and so pleasurable…she had been kissed before, but never had it affected her like this.
The world had receded to only the two of them, and the sharing of heated breath and the feel of each intimate contact intoxicated them both with desire, coursed through their veins in molten hotness and inevitably…they lost themselves in each other. Leora was content to let him kiss her, as most assuredly, she was too weak with the feeling of wanting him to summon the strength to kiss him. She would have fallen if not for his firm grip on her. Dimly aware of the thought that this kiss was only meant to be a quick reassuring one, Greg tightened his hold on the woman that he held in his arms, the pounding pulse of his need roaring in his ears.
He would stop, soon, before it got too far. Leora was so beautiful to him, gentle, quick to humour and clumsy, and though she acted all tough and independent, he had seen how vulnerable she was underneath. Vulnerable. He was suddenly overwhelmed with the feeling of shame, and as suddenly as he had been kissing her – he let go. What was he doing? Had he gone insane? This was the woman he had been charming on purpose, just to gain her trust so he could gain access to things he shouldn’t – and yet he had kissed her. He had never meant to cross the line between harmless flirting and actual seduction, and he was disgusted at his duplicity.
Glasses steamed, and mouth feeling sensitive – she blinked in confusion as he suddenly broke their kiss. In a daze, she lifted her hand and touched a fingertip to the swollen lips and swallowed nervously, feeling bewildered at how her own body seemed alien to her, and how effortlessly Greg had invoked such heat. She stared at him, his eyes were shadowed and there was a hardness around his jaw. Unsettled, she thought that Greg, amiable and charming Greg…was suddenly very dangerous – his tense stance and the sudden unapproachable air that enveloped him sent a sudden flash of fear skittering down her spine.
She did not know him. He did not know her.
Realization hit the two of them at the exact moment, and they both withdrew from each other in their own way. The sudden shift exposed in the depths of their eyes, and the step back from each other apparent by the brittle smiles they gave each other.
“I hope that the rest of your day would be better, Leora.” Greg said, punctuating the cautious silence between them. His voice was still the same, but there was a hard edge of wariness to it, as though he was not sure how to make out his change of perspective on her. She nodded mutely in reply, not trusting herself to speak. Awkwardly, Greg left, shutting the door silently behind him and leaving her, alone, in her office.
Tired, Leora slumped against her desk. The feeling of getting into something so soon and so fast had knocked the wind out of her. It was right that she backed away now. Especially now. She did not want to be in another relationship – least of all, with a man as good looking and as charming as him. She also barely knew him. After only – what – less then 24 hours she had kissed him? Unnerved, she hugged herself. She had never been so reckless in her life, but, she suppose she should be grateful that he had stopped kissing her like that so suddenly. And though some part of her hurt from the sudden rejection that underlay his stepping back away from her, she recognized the attraction that had sprung up between them.
It was purely lust, just attraction. Flings and brief affairs came from them, but Leora would never enter into one of them willingly. Didn’t the last one teach her anything? It was hard for a woman to leave her feelings behind, even if the man only wanted her on a purely physical level. Perhaps, Greg had realized what would happen between them, and for reasons of his own that she would not know, he had seemed disgusted. Perhaps at her for being so easy? Or perhaps he was just some playboy – most actors were, and the disgust he felt was part of the disappointment of an easy conquest. Whatever it was…she was glad that it had not happened later.
A little bit shaken, she got to her feet unsteadily. Strange how relationships can change so fast. From now on, she suppose it would be wise to avoid Greg Butler, and if worse came to worse, the least she can be is to be civil towards him. It was clear, that from the kiss, no matter how pleasant it was for her, was undesirable to him. He would only be here on a temporary basis – act in the production until it finished, then be on his way, on another job, away from here. Then he would be gone from her life, and no regrets will come from it because she was determined to never again come close to a man of his kind.
Jace McShep had made sure of that. 



The last man she had been with before Greg had been Jace. Sighing, she made her way to her chair, but once seated she tilted her head back and began to idly swivel herself back and forth. How long ago had it been? Three months ago she supposed, Jace was an actor too, and he was the first and – she had vowed – the last man she had been interested in. Did the past teach her nothing? Why had she been so foolish to get caught up with another actor? It had started out friendly with Jace, the teasing and the joking around. Meeting for lunch and talking. But she had liked him…a lot. Grimacing, she corrected herself. She had loved him – or at least, thought she had – but of course, after what had happened…it all just seemed like a girlish crush.


Jace was handsome, and boyishly charming – with the hint of a rogue that made him so appealing. Jace had black-brown curled slightly – he kept is rather short but it was always mussed – penetrating hazel eyes accentuated by dark, stern brows, a proud aquiline nose, lean cheeks that always seemed to have a shadow of a beard gracing them and firm lips that were quick to smile. Leora had been utterly charmed by McShep, his friendliness, and his caustic wit and humour.


He had come to act in a play, and for a time, they had gotten close. He had shared the same interests as she, and had intrigued her by his magnetic appeal. All had seem fine between them…and at moments, she had even thought that he liked her back…until he met Sia. To be sure, Leora didn’t hate Sia per se, but Sia had that elegant beauty and clever and assured quality that she knew she would never possess. And being the attractive man Jace was, Sia began to flirt with him.  A fool could’ve seen the interest that Jace had in return to Sia’s flirtations – but being the dunderhead she was, she had not noticed until too late.


Closing her eyes against the painful memory of discovering her mistake, and the humiliation it entailed, she rubbed her temples. She had been working late at night on the script, and when she finally went out to head towards her car and home, she had heard a noise. Of course, she had to investigate. What she found was something she wished she never did. She had come across Jace…and Sia. They had been talking about her, and Jace had said unforgivable things…but not only that, they had…kissed. In that spacious and professional office Sia had, moonlight shining through the large windows in the dark room. It had looked romantic and intimate, the couple outlined by the soft white glow of moonlight, and their arms ardently wrapped around each other.


It had broken her heart.


To smithereens. In one moment, she realized what a fool she was for wanting a man such as Jace. She had been blind to how hopeless it would be – no man would ever look at her – she was plain, klutzy, had a chaotic life, wasn’t a success like Sia, and had a crappy office to boot. Women like her were never noticed, and even if they were, they were only ‘friends’ with men. Gloomily, she wondered if that was the category of women that became spinsters. How lonely. It was safe to say that after her shocking realization that Jace had never loved her back, and had even thought some insulting things about her – she had backed away, avoided him. Strangely he had protested, kept asking her why and wanting to know what was wrong.


In the end, he went away – off to another job, leaving her behind. And here she was, allowing the past to repeat itself. Only this time, it was worse – Greg knew she was attracted to him – and he had kissed her, and run away. But why the hell did he kiss her? Since she was pretty sure she wasn’t the one who kissed him – what on earth made him do such a thing, when quite obviously, running away from such an act showed exactly how he felt? Huffing, Leora straightened in her chair – blast the men and their incomprehensible ways! She was through with them, and from now on, she vowed, she will ignore the damned man!

                    “Excuse me? But does Leora still work here?” A voice drifted in through her partially shut door, jolting her to alertness. Oh cannot be…. Distantly, she heard some nameless person answer, and then…he was in her doorway, looking straight at her.


Jace McShep.


Leora panicked, bolting up from her chair, the blood draining from her face. He looked the same, dressed in a grey shirt, jeans, black combat boots and a dark jacket – he looked as though he was a major from the military in casual wear.

“Leora.” He murmured, gazing fixedly at her, a dark and serious look in his eyes. Silence hung between them, and dimly, she realized she was gripping the table in an attempt to not bolt from the room. Her knuckles were turning white. But – speak of the devil! She had just been musing on her past and here he was! What a fine mess this was. Uneasy with the silence, Jace shifted uncomfortably. Well…this was not how he expected to be welcomed back by Leora – granted he knew she had become distant before he had left, but he hadn’t realized just how changed she was toward him. But…


“Leora, we need to talk. We need to talk about us.”

CHAPTER SIX: Unexpected

Suffice to say…Leora was gob smacked. And her first thought was – He looked goooood…Dammit! Her wayward thoughts were not helping. And what on earth did they need to talk about? She narrowed her eyes at Jace – when he had left, he had not even said goodbye to her on the account of her avoidance of him. For three months there had not been any word of him either.

“What do you mean by us Jace? We’re not even friends anymore.” She said sharply, hands on hips. “And what are you doing here?” He cringed at her words.

“But Leora – we were once friends – I just want to know what happened. And I’m here to be in the production.” He protested.

“So? Leave it be Jace, I don’t want to be ‘friends’ with you anymore, and if you’re here for the production then go and act, you have no need to be in my office!”

Walking towards him, she pushed him out. In shock, Jace suddenly found himself standing in the hallway, with a door slammed in his face.

“Leora…” He murmured. He had been a fool. What had he expected – that he could just barge back into her life and demand answers to questions that had plagued him since he left? Turning he leaned against the shut door, ignoring the strange looks he got from other workers. He had been such an idiot to chase after Sia – in truth he had initially wanted used Leora to get closer to Sia, but in the end she had rejected him. But…how much a part of him was running away from his feelings for Leora by trying to have Sia? At first, he had thought he had liked her as friends would – but the more he got to know Leora, the more liked her.


It had gotten to a point that it scared him. For once in his life he did not know what to do – he had never loved anyone before, not the way he loved Leora. Her face and smiles had haunted him, the way she made him laugh and how attracted he was to her. There had been times when he had been tempted to kiss her, and the overwhelming need to do so had scared him. No woman had done that to him, but he had run away – not wanting to be tied down. He enjoyed his freedom, his lifestyle of transience. Not to mention that he was in the military for part time of his life. He couldn’t afford to be attached to someone – anything could happen to him.


“What did you do to her?” A cold voice cut through his thoughts. Turning, he fixed his gaze on a man who was at the moment – glaring at him with green-blue eyes and with tightly clenched jaws.

“And what would that have to do with you?” He challenged, with an arrogant tilt of his head. The man’s lips thinned.

“Leora and I are involved, and I don’t like how she was shouting at you just now.” The man growled.

“Oh? Is that so? Leora is going to be mine, and who the hell are you?” Jace returned, glowering at him. Leora was involved with this arrogant bastard? The hell she would be.

“Greg Butler, jerk. Leave Leora alone.” Greg said.

“Hell no you bastard.”


Inside, Leora fumed. The nerve of the man! He insults her, kisses some other woman, leaves and then expects everything to be hunky dory between them? Suddenly she heard loud swearing outside her door, and an ominous thump. Eyes wide, she jerked the door open. Two bodies toppled through, and in the midst of the swearing and flying fists, she made out the forms of Jace and Greg! And they were fighting?!

“What on earth are you two doing?!” She shouted. The two wrestling males ignored her, colliding into her bookshelves – sending tomes flying. Aghast, she watched how they left destruction in the wake of their fight. But she soon jerked out of her horrified state when they sent her pretty blue vase crashing to the floor.


Quickly, she grabbed her water jug and threw the contents at them. Spluttering they stopped, blinking from the water running down their faces.

“Enough you idiots! What do you think you’re doing Jace? And you too, Greg! Fighting in my office?!” She glowered at them, then pointed in disgust at her wrecked office. “Explain all of this, now!”

“I heard you two fighting.” Greg replied flatly. Open mouthed, she stared at him.

“That's it? You hear me having a fight with someone and you decide to punch that person?”

“He kept saying that you were his.” Jace said,


Leora mentally stumbled. What the…? They had been fighting over her? Over who ‘owned’ her?

“Neither of you owned me in the first place. And you don’t even like me Jace! And Greg, you ran away! I don’t want to be involved with either of you jerks, so get out of my stupid office fixed and leave me alone!” She shouted. With that, she stormed out, leaving two very humiliated and mortified males in her wake. She ignored the tears – she was so sick of being played around with.

NOTE: I will be adding to the story chapter by chapter on this same post - so be sure to check it for new chapters ^_^


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